Wastewater Products & Services

Wastewater Solutions stocks a large quantity of wastewater products and varies fiberglass, concrete and poly, septic and pump tanks. We also sell parts and provide service for Hydro-Action and Aqua Safe systems. Enclosed are just some of the products we stock:


  • Infiltrator chambers
  • Infiltrator poly septic tanks
  • Indexing valves and boxes
  • Control panels
  • UV disinfection systems & bulbs
  • Chlorine and bioneutralizer
  • Effluent, sewage, and grinder pumps
  • Aerobic Septic Tank additive
  • Alarm and switch floats
  • Pump tank assemblies with alarm boxes
  • Polylok risers, lids, and distribution boxes


  • Commercial design plans
  • Certified service technicians
  • Service contract
  • Complete and professional tank delivery
  • Well trained office staff
  • Dealer network throughout Ohio
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Our dealer and service provider network throughout OHIO.


If a service provider is not listed for your county, please contact Wastewater Solutions Inc. at (330) 823 7536.

Thank you!

Polylok Risers / Lids
Float Switch Pump Master
Polylok d-box
Control Panel Picture
K-Rain Index Valve
Infiltrator Poly Tanks
Infiltrator Chambers
Effluent Sewage & Grinder pumps

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